Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse Will Cause The Collapse of Human Civilization – The zombie apocalypse is the best possible survival training tool ever created to train people how to survive. It has ALL-THE-THINGS. The zombie apocalypse is such a great hypothetical allegorical survival scenario because it teaches people how to survive ANYTHING! If you can survive the zombie apocalypse you can survive anything. The zombie apocalypse survival scenario has EVERYTHING you could possibly have to prepare for. 

It’s the perfect all-in-one apocalypse.

The zombie apocalypse will cause massive problems on all levels and in all areas of human civilization. It will collapse human civilization completely. Economies, governments, militaries, law enforcement, health systems, food systems, water systems, everything will be affected. A look back at previous outbreaks like the Influenza, The Black Death (Bubonic Plague), and many others which killed hundreds of millions of people.

Today, there might be modern medical treatment and technology, but a pandemic is the most likely and will be the most deadly and dangerous cause of global collapse. If anything has the power to collapse human civilization a global pandemic does. It is the most dangerous threat today. Except maybe an asteroid strike or alien invasion. 

(NOTE: If there were an alien invasion, they most probably would use some kind of biological weapon against humanity. But that’s a whole other story.)

For this scenario the outbreak is caused by humans.

SCENARIO: ZOMBIE VIRUS OUTBREAK with a 50% to 90% or more mortality rate, a global pandemic caused by the deliberate or accidental release of a genetically engineered zombie “rage” virus.

Threats to prepare for: 

  • Biological – Global pathogenic pandemic, whether natural or by biowarfare from governmental bioweapon’s technology, lab accident, or by terrorist attack.
  • Chemical WarFare/Leaks – You will have to prepare for chemical attack/accidents as well. The zombie apocalypse will cause massive system failures and this will in turn cause large isolated chemical leaks from industrial accidents.
  • Nuclear Blast/Fallout – Some governments will most likely use nukes to stop the zombie outbreak; it will happen as a last resort to stop the spread of the pandemic. You will have to prepare and protect against radioactive fallout, contaminated water and air, and food. Proper filtration will be needed, gas masks, and proper protective gear will have to be worn while on the surface.
  • Political Upheaval – In the initial stages of the zombie apocalypse before the inevitable collapse, political upheaval will be the result as governmental infighting breaks out and divides governments as they try to figure out how best to handle the pandemic
  • Civil Unrest – Chaos, rioting, looting, gangs, violence, and crime will become rampant as society collapses under the weight of the global pandemic.
  • Grid Down/All Utilities – The power grid will fail because all civil systems require people to run them. A global pandemic would infect the majority of the population and cause the worst possible damage to all civil systems. Collapse is inevitable with a global pandemic caused by a virus with a 90% or more mortality rate.
  • Global Economic Collapse – The economy will also collapse due to the pandemic. Governments will be too busy fighting the pandemic to worry about the economy. 90% mortality rate will decimate governments, militaries, law enforcement, first responders and healthcare systems. Money will become worthless as people struggle just to survive.
  • Terrorist Attack – The zombie apocalypse could be caused by biowarfare by a political/corporate terrorist group attack.
  • Extreme Climate – If nukes are used to try to stop the zombie apocalypse it may usher in a nuclear winter/summer. This will cause storms, and these storms will spread radioactive fallout. Extreme temperature fluctuations will occur regionally throughout the globe.
  • EMP – EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from nukes will affect unshielded technology close to and within range of the pulse from the epicenter of the blasts. You must properly shield your mission-critical electronic devices/vehicles or they become useless.
  • Natural Disasters – If nukes are used it will cause weather changes, and depending on the locations of the blasts, it could trigger earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruption, and powerful storms.
  • Famine – Starvation will occur because farms and food systems will collapse.

The zombie apocalypse will cause the complete collapse of human civilization.

All systems will be destroyed. Government, economy, military, law enforcement, water and food systems, transport, communications, medical systems. All of it will be affected. All of it will collapse. The world is not ready for a global pandemic.

To be truly “ready” for the zombie apocalypse means being ready for all the above 12 disaster scenarios.

Plus zombies! Thats 13 reasons you’re not ready.

If you can survive the zombie apocalypse you can survive anything.

Think you could survive?

Are you ready?



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